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Lullaby Stores.

Appeared in the market in early 201̣9, Lullaby brings the power of a personalized local brand with trend-leading fashion products. Lullaby is actually an ingenious way of integrating the birth of the brand. The Y on the coin represents Lullaby' predecessor, Lullaby cherishes the value of money and blood, the results of labor filled with sweat, dirt and tears. With his charisma, Lullaby became a symbol of strong, bold, and widely popular fashion styles. Lullaby offers a unique perspective not only about lifestyle but also about modern dress. Lullaby is aware of the growing needs of the US Lullaby market. The fashion items at Lullaby are designed with a combination of Asian and European cultures, creating a unique and new style. In addition, with the break from the black and white tone, the main color tone of most Lullaby fashion lines, the Lullaby fashion models have a variety of colors. This is how FathAzone gives value to a young Streetwear-loving community that encourages them to venture into their dress. With a risk-averse, risk-free personality, Lullaby gradually expands its market during the development of branches across the country, bringing a own Lullaby culture.

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